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“About 14 years ago, finding myself with no mechanic and a failing muffler, I checked out 3 local shops and their repair estimates. Greg’s was the third stop. The first shop’s estimate ? $1450 – and they were impersonal at best. The second shop quoted $ 280, but despite the price, I didn’t like the vibe. Next, fortunately,I found Greg’s El Camino 76. Greg himself met me, looked me straight in the eye, gave me a good strong handshake, and asked “How can I help you?” I noticed their lot was full of cars, the work area was clean and bustling, and mechanics and customers were consulting with each other, all good signs. Greg’s estimate of $120 was 1/10 the first and 1/2 the 2nd estimates and the repair outlasted my car. His shop shepherded my next car thru 200,000 miles. They have been unfailingly honest, curteous, helpful, proactive, and community oriented. TEN STARS!!
~ Bob F. / Mountain View, CA (Yelp Review)

“Yes this place does great work on cars, is honest, etc…but they blew my mind this week…I recently had a baby and needed to get my car smogged (to sell) but the car does not safely hold a baby car-seat. I call 76 and mention this predicament (how to get car to station with no car seat and a baby) and they COME TO MY HOUSE TO GET MY CAR FOR ME. Note this is for smog check – not a big money maker for them. Greg the owner came to the house himself 30 minutes after I called and dropped the car off too. I really had no way of safely getting this done and can’t imagine another auto shop that would have helped out like this. Love this place…
~ Kimberly N. / Los Altos, CA (Yelp Review)

“Greg, the owner, lets groups raise money by doing car washes at his gas station for free. He also allows them to use his water at no charge. He says that it does not increase his business on those days, he just does it out of the goodness of his heart. I feel good about giving my business to someone who is so generous with his resources!
~ Michelle W. / Moorhead, MN (Yelp Review)

“I have never felt compelled enough to actually write a review on Yelp, but this place deserves it. After getting ripped off for decades on my auto repairs, this is the first auto repair shop where they were upfront, honest, timely, convenient and overall went well above my expectations. I have a Range Rover, which before finding El Camino 76, couldn’t make it out of an auto repair shop without at least spending $2K+, no matter what was getting fixed. In my recent visit I got new brakes, rotors, windshield wipers, and an oil change for about half the cost of what I am used to paying and with incredible customer service.
~ David H. / Dana Point, CA (Yelp Review)